How to use combi boiler efficiently blog post by B&R Heating Ltd

Using a Combi Boiler: Tips & Tricks

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Looking for tips for using a Combi Boiler? A combination boiler is a space-saving alternative that delivers both hot water and heat on demand. Typically, combi boilers are a single unit hung on a wall with no water tanks needed. …

understand different boiler types blog post by B&R Heating Ltd

Different Types of Boiler

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Deciding between the different types of boiler can be confusing, as you need to choose an efficient option that fits your home and lifestyle. The information below shows the main types, how they work, their advantages, and what kind of …

Explaining energy labels blog post by B&R Heating Ltd

Energy Labels & What They Mean

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Energy labels, you’ve most likely seen them around your household, but what do they mean? Let’s explain their function and how they relate to your heating systems.  What are energy efficiency labels?  The Energy-related Products (or ErP) label is designed to …

What does a commercial boiler do blog post by B&R Heating Ltd

What Do Commercial Boilers Do?

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You’ve probably seen us mention the terms “Domestic Boilers” and “Commercial Boilers” but do you know what they actually mean? Let’s discuss the subject of Commercial Boilers.  What are Commercial Boilers?  To put it simply, a commercial boiler is a heating and …

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Do You Have A Sludge Problem?

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Sludge. That word should give you an accurate mental image of what it is. Sludge is a black substance made up of dissolved and rusted metal from the pipe work of your boiler system, sometimes referred to as Magnetite. When …

Boiler myths debunked blog post by B&R Heating Ltd

Common Boiler Myths, Debunked!

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There are many common boiler myths but Commercial or Domestic Boilers are essential parts of your property, and because of this, many people have spread different myths throughout the years about them. Some of them true, some of them are …