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Boiler Service – What You Need to Know

Your annual boiler service isn’t something that you should miss or skip until a later date. When your boiler is due for a service it’s important that you call out a registered Gas Safe engineer to carry out the service for you. You may be tempted to put off your boiler service or to skip a year, but it really is crucial to get this inspection carried out as close to the ‘due date’ as possible, each and every year.

There are many reasons why your annual boiler service is important, from ensuring the safety of your loved ones to making sure that the boiler performs optimally for as long as possible. In this blog, we break down the four most important reasons for adhering to a regular servicing schedule, so read on to learn more!

Commercial Boilers Plymouth: Finding Faults

Regular commercial boiler maintenance in Plymouth is important for your boiler as it essentially tests the safety of the appliance. There are many components within a boiler and they all have their own function. They need to be individually checked because if one element isn’t working as it should, it could affect the whole system and lead to serious issues, such as carbon monoxide leaks. Carbon monoxide is produced by burning fuels (such as the gas that powers appliances like boilers, fires and hobs) and is harmful if breathed in. If you have an appliance like a gas boiler that is improperly ventilated, say through a blockage in the flue or corrosion in the pipework, and it’s in an enclosed space, the gas can build to dangerous levels and lead to serious illness through carbon monoxide poisoning. As it’s an odourless and colourless gas, you can’t easily establish if you’ve got a leak (unless you’ve got a carbon monoxide detector!), so it’s essential that you get your boiler inspected yearly by a Gas Safe registered engineer to check it’s functioning correctly.

Commercial Boiler Repairs – how to avoid them!

Having that regular maintenance will help prolong the life of your boiler. If there are any small faults found, then they can be serviced and fixed before the problem becomes a bigger issue! Small issues that are found in your boiler that isn’t heavily impacting the boiler’s functionality can usually be fixed quickly.

For some commercial boiler manufacturers, they require you to have a full service carried out on your boiler annually to keep your warranty valid. If you require a repair from the manufacturer after a few years of having the boiler, but no annual service has been carried out, then you could lose your warranty.

During a commercial boiler service in Plymouth, the efficiency is tested to see how well it is working for you. If your boiler is using too much energy and wasting some, then you could potentially have a higher energy bill than you should be getting. Making sure it’s working efficiently could save you money if there are any faults with it.

Commercial Boiler Installation Plymouth

Make sure your boiler receives regular preventive maintenance from a professional. This maintenance will not only ensure the system works properly and at its highest level of efficiency but that it also works safely. Contact us for commercial boiler service Plymouth, commercial boiler installation Plymouth, commercial boiler cleaning Plymouth or any commercial boiler Plymouth needs.

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