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Boiler Servicing blog post by B&R Heating Ltd

Boiler Servicing: Do I need an engineer?

Outside of your annual boiler servicing, there are many scares that can occur which may leave you wondering if you need to book in for boiler repairs. We’re here to help. Before contemplating boiler service cost or how long does a boiler service take, we’ve made a simple 3 step process to help you find out if you need any boiler servicing! 

  • Check the power and controls. If you have no power at all, or the controls are turned off, that’s a clear sign that you are in need of a boiler repair or boiler servicing. 
  • Check the reset button on your boiler. Most modern boilers come equipped with a reset button. They are usually located on the boiler’s display. This will be located near where the fault code is being displayed. See if the reset button has gone out or alternatively check if the pilot light is alight.
  • Check the pressure. For boilers that have pressure like combination or “Combi” boilers, the pressure needs to be around 1 to 1.5 bar. If you’d like to know how to repressurise a boiler, check out our useful videos! 

Maintaining Boiler Efficiency

When it comes to saving money, getting your boiler serviced regularly can help as it can potentially lower your heating bills by maintaining maximum boiler efficiency. This is because servicing it will clean up any deposits that have built up in the boiler. 

Simple things such as ensuring the internal combustion area are clean and free of any debris will improve the heat transfer, allow the boiler to light more easily and burn efficiently. Do you need a hand maintaining your boiler? We handle boiler servicing Plymouth & boiler repair Plymouth!

Boiler Service & Maintenance

If you are hesitant to carry this out yourself, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with our boiler servicing or boiler repairs service. We offer boiler installation in Plymouth, boiler repairs in Plymouth, and boiler maintenance in Plymouth (on all commercial and domestic boilers). If you need our assistance, give us a call on 01752 695050 or visit us at

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