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Combi boiler installation

Wondering what happens during a combi boiler installation? First let’s find out what it actually is! A combi boiler delivers both hot water and heat on demand. Most often, it is in the form of a single wall hung unit. In most cases there are no water tanks involved, thus meaning combi boilers are generally considered the most efficient option and more compact. This makes them the most popular choice in new build properties and with existing homeowners making the switch when replacing a boiler. Check out our extensive full range on our website. 

Combi Boiler Installation- what to expect 

Before undergoing a combi boiler installation, you need to know what to expect. The costs of a combi boiler installation depends on the type of boiler you have chosen. A conventional boiler has many parts and pipework, and the installation can get time-consuming and costly. Alternatively, a combi boiler installation is a much cheaper option and takes fewer man hours from start to finish. 

How to install a combi boiler?

 Due to their compact size, a combi boiler installation is relatively simple, although you should always have a qualified Gas Safe registered heating engineer carry out the work, which includes extensive protocol checks and procedures. Your chosen boiler should be able to heat your home efficiently, and you should also check if it can accommodate the extra load it will place on your heating system.

A Gas Safe engineer will be able to assess your property’s suitability for a combi boiler, and will use a manometer to determine how much pressure your home has. Flue integrity is also important, another reason why your boiler installation should be carried out by a Gas-Safe registered engineer. This means that your property will be safe for use, and your boiler will run efficiently.

Tips to keep your combi boiler efficient 

It may sound like an obvious point, but don’t have your heating on all day. Set the heating with a timer or even via a mobile phone app to only come on as and when it is required. 

Following on from the above, don’t leave your heating on while you are out. If you do not have a routine schedule, perhaps consider investing in an app or smart thermostat that will greatly benefit you and cater to your requirements using your general habits. Leaving the heating on only wastes energy and money. 

Installing a smart thermostat allows you to control your heating system from the internet, enabling you to control your heating remotely. They commonly include; turning your heating on or off, multi-room temperature controls, draught detection, safety and holiday mode to name a few. Need help choosing the right boiler for your home? Get in touch with our team by calling 01752 695050 or get in touch here.

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