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Combi Boilers

A combi boiler delivers both hot water and heat on demand. Most often, a single wall hung unit. In most cases there are no water tanks involved, thus meaning combi boilers are generally considered the most efficient option and more compact, which makes them the most popular choice in new build properties and with existing homeowners making the switch when replacing a boiler. Also usually referred to as a “combi” boiler. Check out our extensive full range on our website. 

See below some tips to help you use your combi boiler as efficiently as possible:

Step one – It may sound like an obvious one but don’t have your heating on all the time. Set the heating with a timer or manually or even via a mobile phone app or smartwatch to only come on as and when it is required. The great thing about combi boilers is that hot water is available on demand anyway!

Step two – Following on from the above, don’t leave your heating on while you are out. If you do not have a routine schedule, perhaps consider investing in an app or a smart thermostat that will greatly benefit you and cater to your requirements using your location or general habits. Leaving the heating on won’t do much except waste energy and money.

Step three – As above, install a smart thermostat. Clever, state of the art devices that allow you to control your heating on the go from your phone, tablet or other devices. They essentially connect your heating system to the internet, allowing you to control your heating remotely. They commonly include; turning your heating on or off, multi-room temperature controls, “geo-fencing” which tracks when you leave home and head back home, draught detection, safety and holiday mode to prevent any mishaps while you are away – ensuring to protect your pipework while you are away. Most of them are even simple enough to install yourself. These are generally considered most effective for those without a set routine or pattern to their average day.

Step four – Ensure your thermostat is on exactly what it needs to be on. Even just 1 degree could save you a fair amount across a year so don’t turn it up to maximum because you’ve just come in from out of the cold and leave it there, find a comfortable temperature to set it to. The typical temperature found to be the most comfortable is on average between 18 and 21 degrees.

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If you’re looking for a boiler service then be sure to get in contact with us. Even if you want to check what the boiler service cost is, we can offer boiler repair, gas boiler service and boiler servicing in Plymouth at fast & affordable pricing. 

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We recommend you turn on your heating a few times throughout the summer months just to make sure everything is in working order. At B&R Heating, we can help with your boiler servicing! Check our website for more information

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