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Boiler Services: How do you know when you need one?

During the summer months, we become much more complacent about our boilers. This is more often than not purely because we are not relying on them as much to stay warm but beware a boiler service is always needed! 

Yet at B and R heating, we know first hand,  from the number of call-outs we receive in the summertime, how easy it is for your boiler to break down – regardless of the season!

The last thing you want in the winter months is being blasted by cold water in the shower as you discover there is no hot water due to your boiler has broken down. Year after year your boiler works tirelessly to ensure you stay comfortable in your home when the temperatures begin to drop. 

However, with each year that passes, your boiler will become more and more run down. This natural wear and tear slowly create an inefficient boiler which will more frequently need repairs and eventually a complete replacement. 

However, it’s not all down and gloom. There are many simple signs to help you keep on top of the health of your boiler and let you know when it’s time to get booked in for its regular commercial boiler service. 

Few people are aware of when their boiler needs its annual service or who that service should be performed by! 

We are here, with this list of 10 helpful signs packed with easy-to-understand information for you!

1: The age of your boiler 

We are not fans of discriminating over age but this is one of the few times where age does matter!

It can be hard to think about replacing your boiler after years of great service but if it has been more than a decade of service, it may be time to start thinking about replacing your boiler. 

Investing in a new boiler will help you have money over time as newer models are far more efficient than older ones. 

2: Lack on maintenance 

Can you remember the last time you had your boiler serviced by a gas-safe registered engineer? 

If you can’t, we would recommend getting your boiler booked in as soon as you can to ensure it’s working safely and efficiently. 

3: Leaks

If you notice your boiler is leaking, you need to call boiler engineers straight away! 

Leaks aren’t solely an indication your boiler isn’t working effectively but also could be a sign of a much greater problem! A boiler leak left undetected or ignored can cause serious problems in the long run. 

Never ignore a leak, always contact service for help straight away. Regardless of whether you need a domestic or commercial boiler service.

4: Poor Energy Efficiency

This one isn’t easy to identify, it’s rare you’ll ever see any physical signs of a problem. Regardless of this, your boiler could still be having issues. 

A lot of homeowners are always surprised to discover that a sign of their need for a boiler repair or replacement may be hidden within the cost of their energy bills. If your bills frequently seem abnormally high, it might be worth some further investigation as to why this is. 

Energy costs are frequently rising. As a result, it will always be beneficial to you whether at home or on your business premises to have a boiler that works efficiently. 

5: Slow to heat up

A lot of people are reluctant to contact a boiler service when they can, eventually get their home to heat up. If you find your central heating system is taking a long time to produce heat, this can be an indication that there may be a problem. 

6: Clogged Filters

This is something that happens to boilers that most people don’t know about. Your boiler has a filter and it can become clogged. In this instance, cleaning or replacing it is essential. 

A great preventative step from this happening with long-lasting damage is changing your boiler filter regularly. At least once a month. 

If you notice that your filter has been getting dirtier far quicker than usual, you should book your boiler in for an inspection as this will prevent what could be a costly breakdown.

7: You’re hearing things

Things that go bump in the night can more often than not be explained away by the noises of a faulty boiler. If you can hear a hissing sound escaping from your boiler, it could be an indication that a deposit has begun to form. 

If you don’t get the deposit seen too quickly, the scary end result could lead you to a complete boiler replacement. 

8: Operating Issues

Are you noticing hot and cold spots in your home? Is one room feeling like the depths of hell and another like you’ve taken a quick trip to the north pole? 

This can be caused by a poorly operating boiler. It’s most likely an air handling or control issue that a boiler engineer can easily help resolve. 

9: Poor Air Circulation

You may be thinking that sometimes your boiler doesn’t heat up to the correct temperature, be sure to pay close attention if you think this is happening. 

This issue can be caused by a problem with the fan motor or the belt. Both of these can be quite costly things to replace so it’s definitely worth seeking expert advice as soon as you notice this issue arise.

10: Gas Leakage

If you ever smell gas, you need to turn off the boiler immediately. 

Following this ensure you turn off all other gas appliances and take steps to avoid any sparks from lighters or switches. Get in contact with a professional to come out straight away to ensure you are meeting the gas safety regulations. 

Even if you have recently received a gas safety certificate but you can smell gas, you should contact a professional. 

Now you are aware of the signs to look out for regarding your boiler,

Never ignore any issues relating to your boiler, they could be far more dangerous than you may realize. 

If you need help with your boiler, need advice, or want to book either a domestic or commercial boiler repair or service – Contact us! We are always happy to help and provide you with the peace of mind you need.

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