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Boiler myths debunked blog post by B&R Heating Ltd

Common Boiler Myths, Debunked!

There are many common boiler myths but Commercial or Domestic Boilers are essential parts of your property, and because of this, many people have spread different myths throughout the years about them. Some of them true, some of them are very false.

So we’ve taken this opportunity to debunk a handful of common boiler myths so you can move forward with some much needed commercial or domestic heating for your property.

Combi Boilers take forever to fill a bath

While this statement was true over a decade ago, this is no longer the case. Long ago, the size of combi boilers was dependent upon the size of the accompanying hot water tank and the number of radiators installed in the property.

Nowadays, it is based on the output for the flow rate of hot water.

Combi boilers are not ideal for large homes

Much like the previous myth, this statement was true a few years ago, but modern combi boilers are extremely powerful and have the ability to supply multiple bathrooms. They can also come equipped with storage capacity, enabling you to store and heat water separately so that when needed, the now heated and stored water is readily available. So combi boilers are actually one of the best choices for your home due to their small size, allowing them to fit in spaces as small as a standard kitchen cupboard.  

There is no backup if the boiler fails

Without an electric immersion or hot water tank, this statement is true. However, our boilers come with up to 12 year warranty so you can rest assured that you’ll be covered if any issues arise.

I have poor water pressure so I can’t have a combi boiler. 

While this is a possibility, by having one of our engineers install a main booster pump or creating a break tank, you can increase your water pressure and allow for installation of a combi boiler.

I need big radiators because I am cold and want to be more comfortable.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. If you are not receiving the right amount of heat or it’s taking too long, it might be a sludge or air issue rather than the size of the radiator. Having an oversized radiator is expensive and could result in your boiler being overworked, causing issues in the future and potentially cost you lots of money.

I need a big boiler to get more heat.

If you have a high output boiler but small radiators, you’re not going to receive the full effects. Our engineers can advise the best boiler size for your property and radiators so that you can use less energy than needed and keep your energy bills down

It is a new system so I do not need protection.

This is the same situation as if you were to buy a brand new car and not bother to get protection or insurance. Problems happen, sometimes it can’t be predicted, even if it’s a fresh off the line boiler, you should always be prepared. Having your boiler serviced regularly is vital to ensure your boiler is always working at peak efficiency.

Hopefully now you are in a better position to pursue that essential boiler for your commercial or domestic property. If you have any concerns or have heard a boiler myth that has not been mentioned here, get in touch with us and we will be happy to clear up the rumors.

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