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Boiler Engineer – Do You Need To Call One?

Think your boiler is faulty but not sure if you need to call an boiler engineer?

Follow these simple steps first and afterwards you should be certain if you require a boiler engineer from us.

Step One – Check the power and controls. If you have no power at all, or the controls are turned off, that’s a clear sign that you are in need of a boiler repair or boiler servicing. 

Step Two – Check the reset button on your boiler. Most modern boilers come equipped with a reset button. They are usually located on the boiler’s display. This will be located near where the fault code is being displayed. See if the reset button has gone out or alternatively check if the pilot light is alight.

Step three – Check the pressure. For boilers that have pressure like combination or “Combi” boilers, the pressure needs to be around 1 to 1.5 bar. If you’d like to know how to repressurise a boiler, check out this handy tutorial link:

or if you are hesitant to carry this out yourself, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with our boiler servicing or boiler repairs service. 

If you’d like to learn more handy tips about boilers and heating, keep an eye on our blog for future updates, or head to our Useful Videos page for more tutorials:

If after these checks, you are still unable to start your boiler or heating, feel free to call us on ???? 01752 69505 for all your boiler servicing and boiler installation needs.

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