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Gas Boiler Maintenance Blog post by B&R Heating

Gas Boiler Maintenance

Gas boiler maintenance, installation and gas boiler repair. Words that seem daunting, but may they daunt you no longer! Here at B&R Heating, we have composed a few tips & tricks for you regarding boiler pressure, to ensure that everything is running smoothly. 

It doesn’t stop there though! We have a blog page filled with helpful information for you to browse. Keep those boiler repair costs at bay with our help or, if you need any boiler maintenance, boiler repairs or a boiler service – get in contact with us. 

High Boiler Pressure

With a typical ‘wet heating system’ your boiler heats up water to warm your radiators and requires a minimum pressure to pump the water around your system, ideally between 1 to 2 bar. However, it’s normal for your pressure to rise up to 2.5 bar when both your heating and hot water is being used.

To lower the pressure and stay within the recommended range the simplest step is to bleed one of your radiators to remove excess water. If you find that your boiler pressure continues to increase, check that the filling valve under your boiler is closed. If in doubt, contact a Gas Safe heating engineer.

Low Boiler Pressure

Boilers require a minimum amount of pressure to work. If the water pressure drops below 1 bar there are steps you can take to repressurise your boiler by adding water to the system using its filling loop:

Check your boiler’s manual before you begin

Turn your boiler off and allow everything to cool down

Find the filling loop

Make sure you can see your boiler pressure gauge before attempting to re-pressurise

Open the first valve fully

Open the second valve slowly to start adding water to your system

Once the pressure reaches 1.5 bar close both valves and lock

Turn your boiler back on. You may need to press the reset button

Boiler Service

We offer boiler servicing for both domestic and commercial properties. We know that a new boiler is a cost that you’d rather not shell out for unless you have to. We have been providing a high standard of heating and plumbing services to clients throughout Plymouth and South-West England for many years. 

We provide value for money services to give as many people as possible access to professional boiler services, our gas safe registered engineers will ensure your boiler is working exactly as it should. You can pop onto our website for an instant quote so we can get the ball rolling! 

Boiler Installation

We offer boiler installation in Plymouth, boiler repairs in Plymouth, and boiler maintenance in Plymouth (on all commercial and domestic boilers). If you need our assistance, give us a call on 01752 695050 or visit us at

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