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Have I got the right boiler pressure blog post by B&R Heating Ltd

Boiler Pressure: Have you got it right?

A boiler must have the correct pressure for the water to circulate effectively around the property. Boilers typically have a pressure gauge with a needle pointing from zero to four. For the majority of systems, the pressure gauge should be between 1 and 2 bars (this is often marked as a green area on the meter). Although – your boiler manual or a heating engineer will be able to advise better. If your boiler has an LCD screen – it should be easily selected amongst the options available. It is recommended you check the pressure of your boiler on a monthly basis.

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Boiler Pressure Tips

If the boiler pressure falls too low – it isn’t as much of a concern as if it is too high however, it may affect the effectiveness of your boiler. Effectiveness is, of course, tied to efficiency so this may result in you paying more essentially for less. If your pressure is too low you may need to top up your system. Each boiler make and model might have a different process for doing this, however, the most common way is as below:

  • turn the system off and wait for it to cool
  • locate the filling loop (this is a flexible hose located underneath the boiler with a valve at each end) make sure both ends are secured and attached to the 2 valves
  • open the valves (by using the handles on either side and rotating them clockwise) – this allows the cold water from the mains to enter the system
  • watch the pressure gauge as it should be increasing – begin closing the valves when the pressure reaches around 1.5 bars (by rotating them anti-clockwise) to stop the water coming into the system again
  • turn the boiler back on – perhaps resetting it, making sure the pressure holds. If the pressure does not hold, there may be an error with the gauge or the heating system itself and it is time to call in the experts.

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Make sure to keep updated with your boiler maintenance! You don’t want to be caught off-guard in this chilly weather. Take a look at our blogs page to make sure you have all the necessary information when enquiring “boiler service near me, boiler repair near me” or any other enquiries!

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