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Boiler Cover

How Does Boiler Cover Work?

Boiler cover is an important product for anyone with a boiler in their home. The central heating of a modern house can cost thousands of pounds a year and in some cases be more than this. The boiler needs regular boiler service from a qualified technician to prevent serious damage. If you choose incorrectly when replacing your boiler you could end up having to pay hundreds of pounds for a boiler service you didn’t need.

One way to avoid these sorts of problems is to buy boiler cover. An annual inspection, repair and an unlimited amount of boiler call out are particularly useful when you need repairs or replacements very quickly. Boiler cover plans can cover any kind of boiler, including solid fuel, oil and gas. They can often also cover you for up to twenty years, although this is based on the amount you take out.

If You Have An Older Boiler

If you have older boilers you may not be eligible for a boiler cover. This is because you would need to check your boiler regularly to make sure it was working properly and not requiring costly repairs. You may also need to find out if it is worth having a new boiler installed instead. While newer boilers tend to be more efficient and less polluting, older ones do still need to be serviced to ensure that they are working at full capacity. Replacing an old boiler can be very expensive and you could end up with large bills that you would struggle to cover if you had to pay for it out of your own pocket.

It is worth finding out if you can get boiler cover for old boilers before you decide on this option. If you have an excellent service record with your current provider, then there is no need to change to a new supplier just to cover your boiler. However, if you have suffered recent problems with your boilers, then it might be worthwhile to find out whether you will be eligible to get a boiler cover for old boilers from your next provider. In addition, you should always check with the boiler’s manufacturer, such as Worcester Bosch, to see if they also offer a boiler cover for old boilers, as it may save you money to buy the whole kit instead of just having the one fitted.

If You Are Replacing Your Boiler

If you are replacing your boiler with a newer model, or you have a brand new boiler, you should consider getting a boiler cover. Some companies who stock central heating system supplies will include the covers, although it is best to enquire. If you are installing a brand-new system, you may want to consider getting a whole new boiler cover instead of using the one included with your system. This way you can be sure that you are fully covered should anything go wrong. The chances of something going wrong when you have a brand new central heating system is much higher than when you have a product that has been on the market for a few years.

Getting The Right Engineer For Your Boiler Cover

A qualified engineer will visit your home to inspect your boilers. They will carry out a number of checks, including ensuring that all the pipes leading to the heating systems are in good condition. He may also check your existing boiler insurance policy to identify any additional costs to be incurred should repairs be needed. It is essential that an engineer wearing this type of safety equipment has had adequate training before being allowed to attend the job, and that he has sufficient experience to carry out the work correctly.

Boiler Cover Excess 

As with all insurance plans, there is the issue of excess. The amount of the excess will vary between insurers, and the price will depend on your age and how much you wish to pay out each month towards the cost of the policy. If you go over your excess, the amount you will have to pay in monthly premium will increase. Some insurance plans can offer a discount on the excess if you agree to pay a lump sum at the time of taking out the policy. You should always check with individual companies to see what they offer in terms of lump sums and whether they offer this type of discount.

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