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EPC Rating

How does my boiler affect my EPC rating?

Boilers are a huge part of your EPC rating. Whether you have a brand new ultra-efficient boiler or a 40-year-old boiler, they will both have an impact on your EPC. With that being said, one way you can definitely improve your rating is to upgrade your boiler for a newer one. With EPC rating becoming an increasingly crucial factor in the rental market, it might be time for you to consider yours. 

What are the benefits of a better EPC rating?

A higher EPC rating usually means that your property is more energy-efficient. This means your utility bills will be cheaper and you will have a lower carbon footprint, which is great for everyone! 

Another benefit of having a higher EPC rating is that this is a major factor people looking to buy or rent a property now consider. With more and more people becoming knowledgeable about how an EPC rating will affect them and how much the house costs to run, it has become an important factor to consider if you are looking to sell or let your house. It can be a smart decision to upgrade your boiler to a more efficient one like the Worcester Bosch range that we stock at B & R Heating.

Boiler Efficiency

This can vary hugely depending on the age of the boiler, what fuel it uses and more. Usually, the older boilers that are floor mounted and open-flued operate around 65% efficiency. This means you can be wasting up to 35% of fuel, which will mean you are spending more to heat your home. Compared to the newer boilers which can be up to 95% efficient, which means you will save a great deal when heating your home. 

Heating controls

Another benefit of having a new boiler is that they usually come with heating controls as standard. This means that you can program your heating to automatically turn on and off at times that suit you. This can be a huge way to improve your heating efficiency as you can not wasting money on heating your home whilst you aren’t home. 

How can a new boiler help?

Installing a new high-efficiency boiler could easily improve your rating by two bands, so if your home is currently G-rated, it would become E-rated. However, if your home is currently rated C or above then it can be a little bit harder to improve your rating and you might need to consider some other factors too.

It’s best to look at this long-term, by investing in your property now you will be saving yourself money long-term by decreased utility bills and add value to your home.

Other factors to consider

There are of course other factors that have a direct impact upon your rating that you should consider as well. Such as:

  • Double or triple glazing
  • Loft insulation
  • Solid and cavity wall insulation
  • Upgrading to low energy lighting (LEL)

So make sure to remember that your EPC rating is judged upon multiple factors and it is best to consider all of them when trying to improve. 

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you improve your rating, contact us now!

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