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4 Tips to overcome plumbing problems

4 Tips to overcome plumbing problems – Your building has many useful features to you that you wouldn’t think about until something goes wrong. Electrics and plumbing are just two examples, and both of these can have faults that you may be able to fix yourself at home. Today we’re going to help solve some possible common plumbing problems such as leaky valves, running toilets, clogged drains and water pressure.

How to overcome a leaky valve

Tip 1 on how to overcome plumbing problems – A leaky valve can cause some plumbing problems that if not repaired and can lead to significant water damage if left untreated. It’s important to check all your valves now and then to ensure there are no leaks to save you from any further damage in the future. Make sure your valves are sealed tightly and that your water pressure isn’t too high as this can cause issues with your pipes.

How to overcome a running toilet

Just like the sound of a dripping tap, a running toilet is annoying and can keep you up at night. It can also be an extra expense on your water bill that you haven’t thought about. Make sure to check each component in the water tank to make sure they’re all working, ensure there are no leaks and that none of the pipes are twisted. If you’re not sure what each component is supposed to look like or how they work, YouTube is a great place for help! If you’re not able to fix it yourself or there is a lot of water involved, it would be best to call in a plumber to get this sorted for you.

How to overcome a clogged drain

Drains can easily become clogged, especially in family homes. Hair is often the main cause, but it could also be food, toys, shampoo lids… anything that could be dropped into the sink or the toilet that, if not caught in time, could cause a blockage. Start with a plunger to see if the pressure will be able to suck out or move the blockage, if you’re able to then reach it then you can pull the rest out. If this doesn’t work and you know the block is more of a hair and sludge issue, then there are plenty of drain unblocker chemicals that can be used to break down the blockage and dissolve hairs to create a clear space in your pipes. There are also snake pipes that can be bought to slide into your pipes and pull out the blockage. Failing all of these, a professional plumber will be able to unblock any drains and toilets, and from this point on you can make sure to use drain covers to catch hairs or food, keep an eye on your children to make sure they’re not playing around the toilets or sinks, and only put dissolvable items down your toilets/sinks.

How to overcome high water pressure

Lots of us love standing under a high-powered hot shower, but this high water pressure could be the cause of noise and damage to your pipes. By using a pressure reducer, you can lower the water pressure, making your pipes last longer over time. You can also install a pressure gauge in the outlet valve to measure the water pressure for peace of mind. 

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