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Radiator Checklist blog post by B&R Heating Ltd

Radiator Checklist

We all like to know that we can avoid any unexpected boiler repairs and try to mitigate any boiler service repair costs. So, we at B&R Heating, have put together a radiator checklist to try and offer some of our insight about what you can do to keep your home toasty! 

Making sure you are doing everything you can do to side-step having to ask yourself about “boiler repairs near me”. On our website, you have access to our collection of useful videos at your disposal.

Maintaining Your Radiators

If your radiators are not hot from top to bottom this is usually a sign that there is trapped air inside the radiator which prevents efficient circulation and heating. This will typically mean your home will take longer to get warmer, use more energy and increase costs.

Bleeding your radiator is the process of letting out any air in the system and is quite easy to do. Check your manufacturer’s guidelines for any specific guidance about your radiators. If you are not sure what to do we recommend you contact a professional.

Make sure your heating system is turned off and that your radiators are cold to the touch. On the bleed screw, position the outlet so you can see it, preferably facing down. Have a cup ready to catch any water.

Slowly loosen the bleed screw. Do not completely remove the bleed screw. If you have trapped air, you should hear a hissing sound as it escapes. As soon as the water starts coming out you have removed all air and can tighten the bleed screw back up.

Radiators work by heating up the air. As this happens the hot air rises to suck in cold air from below. If you want to get the most heating from radiators try to avoid tucking curtains behind your radiators or placing sofas or other furniture in front of them to allow for better space to heat your room.

Your radiators and the water that flows through them can corrode over time. During installation, a Central Heating Inhibitor is usually added to help prevent the build-up of sludge.

However, it is recommended to flush your system every 5 years to keep it running smoothly. This will benefit both your boiler and radiators, so it is worth considering for longevity. Most boiler warranties require a service once a year to remain valid and your heating engineer can help you assess if it’s required, ideally done before the winter kicks in.

Boiler Service & Maintenance

If you are hesitant to carry this out yourself, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with our boiler servicing or boiler repairs service. We offer boiler installation in Plymouth, boiler repairs in Plymouth, and boiler maintenance in Plymouth (on all commercial and domestic boilers). If you need our assistance, give us a call on 01752 695050 or visit us at

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