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Commercial Boiler replacements

Replacing Your Commercial Boiler In Plymouth

If your business depends on heating or hot water, then winter is a bad time for your boiler to stop working. Replacing your commercial boiler in Plymouth or upgrading your commercial heating system now, makes sense as it’s ready when the cold comes back. Here are more reasons:

  1. Many customers forget the heating and hot water must go off when a boiler is replaced. Installing a new boiler usually only takes a day, but a bigger job can stretch to two and leaves businesses without heat and hot water for longer than is comfortable
  2. Your winter bills will be lower if you’re replacing an old boiler with a new energy-efficient model. This will save money for you in the long term
  3. Engineers will be quieter than in the busier winter periods
  4. You’ve got time to pick the right boiler for your business. When it’s not an emergency to get your boiler back up and running, you can take your time deciding on which is the right boiler for the needs of your business

If your system was out of action during the COVID-19 lockdown, then replacing it now, helps make sure you’ll keep your business warm and safe in the winter months.

Signs you may need a commercial boiler replacement:

  • Breakdowns are happening more often
  • Your boiler can’t maintain a constant flow of hot water
  • It’s hard to get the right temperature in each room
  • Radiators are taking longer to heat up than they used to
  • Your boiler is making strange noises
  • Your boiler has a pilot light (this indicates an old and potentially inefficient model)

How long does replacing a commercial boiler take?

Replacing a wall hung or floor standing boiler can often be completed in a day but depending on the job could stretch to two. Two days can feel like a long time in winter without heating or hot water. You can avoid this by scheduling a replacement in the warmer months.

Commercial Boiler Service Plymouth

Make sure your boiler receives regular preventive maintenance from a professional. This maintenance will not only ensure the system works properly and at its highest level of efficiency but that it also works safely. Contact us for commercial boiler service Plymouth, commercial boiler installation Plymouth, commercial boiler cleaning Plymouth or any commercial boiler Plymouth needs.

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