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Taking care of your central heating system blog post by B&R Heating Ltd

Taking Care of Your Central Heating System

Boiler maintenance is more important than ever during winter when we’re all looking to stay warm and cosy in the comfort of our homes. So, how can we make sure our heating systems stay in tip-top condition, and what should we do if something goes wrong? To help you out, we’ve put together a brief guide that explains how to take care of your boiler and central heating system as the cold nights draw in.

My Boiler is Supplying Hot Water But No Heating (Or Vice Versa)

If your home has a heat-only or system boiler, it’s important to know they cannot tell the difference between a demand for heating hot water and a demand for central heating like a combi boiler can.

If you do have this problem with a system or heat only model you need to contact a plumber, not your boiler manufacturer. This is because a system or heat boiler only works off one demand and that is to heat up water — it’s the controls that do the rest. If you have any questions or need help with your boiler services in Plymouth, contact us

What Should I Do If I Think I Can Smell Gas?

If you can smell gas or think there is a gas leak in your central heating system you need to act straight away. First, turn the gas off at the meter if you can safely do so  (it’s normally found under the stairs or outside your home). 

Open all windows and doors to the property and if you have children or pets, evacuate them from the house. This is because carbon monoxide is heavier than air, so if there is a leak they will breathe in more of the gas because it‘s lower to the ground.

Do not use anything that has a source of ignition, and do not smoke or use anything that can cause a naked flame. Leave any electronics as they are —  don’t switch anything on or off.

As soon as you have the chance, call the emergency gas service on 0800 111 999. They will arrange for someone to visit your property within three hours to make the area safe. If an engineer has attended to work on your gas appliance within the past seven days, please make the business responsible for the work aware of this.

Gas leaks can happen to any poorly maintained appliance, such as a gas cooker, gas fire or boiler. This highlights the importance of having your appliances serviced at least once a year.

We recommend having a carbon monoxide alarm fitted as an early warning sign in case you experience a leak. Have a good read through of the manufacturer’s instructions and British Standards for the most appropriate place to store your alarm. 

What If I’m Going on Holiday?

If you’re spending some time away from home this winter and aren’t sure what to do with your boiler, we’ve got you covered. The most common question we hear on this topic is ‘should I leave my boiler on or off’?

The simple answer is to always keep your boiler running when you’re away because in the event of very cold temperatures your pipes can freeze up outside. The best thing to do is to lower the temperature on your thermostat so that there won’t be as much of a demand. 

There’s no need to worry about the boiler operating unattended. Any boiler installed after 1996 must be fitted with a safety mechanism that shuts down if there are any major faults with the boiler. Leaving your boiler on standby mode can also reduce the risk of parts seizing up inside it, which is another reason why you shouldn’t simply switch it off.

If you have a Halo Lite thermostat, you can access an easy-to-use holiday mode which allows you to switch off your preset heating schedule for however long you’ll be away from home.

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