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How to use combi boiler efficiently blog post by B&R Heating Ltd

Using a Combi Boiler: Tips & Tricks

Looking for tips for using a Combi Boiler? A combination boiler is a space-saving alternative that delivers both hot water and heat on demand. Typically, combi boilers are a single unit hung on a wall with no water tanks needed. They can also be small enough to fit within a standard kitchen cupboard, making them one of the most compact and efficient options on the market today.

As of 2005 when the new UK building regulations were introduced, any boiler installation that is carried out in the UK must now be condensing (water heaters fuelled by gas or oil). It is also compulsory that units can only be installed if they have a high-efficiency rating of 92%. This means they contain a Flue Gas Heat Recovery system allowing for heat to be captured from waste gases and preheating cold water from the mains as it enters the boiler, thus making better use of the heat they generate from burning fuels.

Listed below are ways in which you can use your Combi Boiler more efficiently and in turn, reduce your carbon footprint whilst also saving on those pesky bills.

Tip one – Only have your heating on when you need it. Using timers, alarms or even your thermostat app, you can keep on top of your heating usage and ensure it is only on when absolutely necessary! With combi boilers, you don’t need to worry about putting the heating on early to get the hot water ready. The hot water is available on demand! If you are going out for the day, make sure to turn it off before leaving as even though it would be nice to come back to a warm house, it is wasting energy and with the smartphone app you can turn it on just before you arrive back if really needed.

Tip two – Invest in a smart thermostat. As mentioned above, the ability to alter your heating systems via your phone, tablet or other devices is a great time-saving and cost-effective investment for your home. Smart thermostats allow you to turn your heating on or off, operate temperature controls for multiple different rooms, track when you leave home and head back home, and enable safety and holiday modes to prevent any mishaps while you are away.

Tip Three – Try a reduced temperature when using a Combi Boiler. Even a 1 degree difference could save you a fair amount across the year, so don’t stick to maximum heat all the time, wear more layers, have a hot drink sometimes and it can save you lots on your energy bills. Experiment with different temperatures and your body will adapt. The typical temperature found to be the most comfortable is on average between 18 and 21 degrees.

Tip Four – Check your boiler controls. Combi boilers usually have some element of control from the units themselves allowing you to adjust the temperature of the water that also flows through, which will be circulating around the central heating system and out of the taps. The typical temperature found to suit homes the best is on average 75 degrees for central heating and 60 degrees for domestic hot water.

Tip Five – Arrange boiler servicing regularly. Boiler servicing on regular occasions can not only give you peace of mind, but also ensure you are not losing out on any heat or using energy without your knowledge.

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