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When should you get your boiler serviced blog post by B&R Heating Ltd

When Should You Get Your Boiler Serviced?

Are you unsure when should you get your boiler serviced? At B&R Heating, we recommend booking a boiler service regularly so you know it’s working safely and efficiently. That way you can rest assured your central heating system is running smoothly and won’t give you an unpleasant surprise when your next energy bill arrives.

If you need your boiler servicing in Plymouth, a boiler repair in Plymouth or are looking for commercial boilers in Plymouth, get in contact with us as soon as possible! We also handle the boiler installation in Plymouth. 

Here are a few tips on when you should look into getting your boiler serviced:

Boiler Service Annually

You need to make sure that your boiler is serviced every year. An annual service is regular enough to keep your boiler in good working condition and limit wear over time. Servicing any more than that is probably unnecessary.

As well as keeping your boiler up and running when you need it, an annual service is also a condition of the warranty for many new boilers. If you want to keep the boiler’s warranty valid, you’ll need your boiler serviced annually. This may also apply to your home insurance should you encounter a boiler problem! 

Boiler Service Near Me

As well as servicing your commercial boilers or domestic boilers every year, when you move home, you should consider getting your boiler serviced. If you’ve recently moved, we can offer boiler servicing Plymouth, boiler repair Plymouth, boiler installation Plymouth and even help you pick out a new boiler

Don’t wait until you have a problem! If your boiler isn’t working efficiently, this will be costing you money and could lead to a larger cost at a later time. We’re sure you’d rather have the peace of mind, having your boiler serviced rather than waiting until you need to get your boiler serviced AND adding boiler repair costs. Get your boiler serviced every year, don’t wait until it’s too late. 

Boiler Service & Maintenance Plymouth

If your next question is how to book a boiler service, we’ve got you covered. We offer boiler installation in Plymouth, boiler repairs in Plymouth, and boiler maintenance in Plymouth (on all commercial and domestic boilers). If you need our assistance, give us a call on 01752 695050 or visit us at

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