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Commercial Boiler Maintenance

Why Your Business Needs a Commercial Boiler Maintenance in Plymouth

If there’s one crucial part of your business infrastructure that you probably don’t think about a great deal, it’s the Commercial Boiler Maintenance. Commercial boilers are designed to get on with it, to function efficiently and keep the property warm. With an average lifespan of 10-15 years, it is common to not need to think about them very often.

Why commercial boiler maintenance is so important

Maintaining a boiler is a bit like maintaining a car. It doesn’t guarantee that it won’t break down at some point but it catches many of the common problems and replaces worn parts. There are also strong benefits to boiler maintenance and that’s why it is often a condition of the warranty on new boilers.

  1. Improves efficiency
  2. Spots problems before they develop
  3. Increases safety

How often should you have commercial boiler maintenance in Plymouth?

The most common frequent for commercial boiler maintenance contracts is every 12 months. This is often enough to catch problems and ensures the boiler is working properly but far enough apart that it doesn’t feel like the boiler is constantly being worked on.

The once a year service is often also a part of the warranty on many boilers. Warranties can run to multiple years but often stipulate that the boiler must be serviced by a qualified engineer every year.  If you don’t have this done, then the warranty could be void.

Sometimes businesses with high demands on their systems require a check every six months.  If you have an older boiler or one with a history of issues, then a 6-monthly check can be a better option.

Benefits of regular commercial boiler maintenance

While there are clear reasons for the boiler to be serviced, regular commercial boiler maintenance Plymouth also comes with a few benefits for the whole of the heating system that is worth noting.

  1. Ensures you are compliant with regulations
  2. Improves energy efficiency
  3. Reduces the chance of a breakdown

Commercial Boiler Service Plymouth

Make sure your boiler receives regular preventive maintenance from a professional. This maintenance will not only ensure the system works properly and at its highest level of efficiency but that it also works safely. Contact us for commercial boiler service Plymouth, commercial boiler installation Plymouth, commercial boiler cleaning Plymouth or any commercial boiler Plymouth needs.

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