Boiler Installation: What you need to know

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When it comes to buying a new boiler, it tends to be a decision that most people have to make in a hurry. In most cases, this boiler installation decision comes under pressure in the midst of winter when you’re old boiler is past its days of repair and you’ve found yourself in dire need […]

Commercial Heating Systems: How do they work?

Commercial Heating Systems

The need for warmth is one of the few essential things that we as people have in common. Indoor heating systems, whether they are for domestic or commercial reasons help significantly to ensure we are always provided with warmth.  Over the years, the technologies used when it comes to our heating systems have advanced drastically. […]

What does a heating engineer do?

heating engineer

It’s a common confusion for a lot of people; being unsure whether you need to hire a plumber or a heating engineer due to being unsure about the differences in the profession.  While both professions can carry out similar tasks, heating engineers and plumbers are two different professions and it’s important that you hire the […]