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What does a heating engineer do?

It’s a common confusion for a lot of people; being unsure whether you need to hire a plumber or a heating engineer due to being unsure about the differences in the profession. 

While both professions can carry out similar tasks, heating engineers and plumbers are two different professions and it’s important that you hire the right person for your job. Not only to make sure that the work is carried out to a high standard but also for the safety of your home too. 

When it comes to any work regarding your boiler and your home’s heating system, whether that’s a service, repair, or having a brand new boiler installed, you should always ensure that you hire a gas-safe registered engineer for this kind of work. 

As you might have already imagined, a heating engineer deals with your home’s heating system. This includes the maintenance, repairs, and services on things such as your boiler, thermostat, and hot water cylinder. Separating them from a plumbers work whose role is to look after your water appliances such as taps, toilets, and sinks. When sourcing a tradesperson for the care and repairs necessary for your heating system, it is imperative for you and your home’s safety to ensure that not only are they heating engineers but that they’re also gas safe registered.   

When it comes to knowing who to employ for your heating system, a lot of the confusion regarding this stems from the fact that it is possible for a plumber to be gas-safe registered. However it while a plumber may be gas safe registered, it is always worth checking to ensure that they are able to work on gas boilers. Just because they are gas safe registered doesn’t mean they are lawfully able to work on any gas appliance and may only be limited to working on gas stoves, for example. 

Not hiring a tradesperson with the correct qualifications could leave you with a poorly installed, faulty or broken gas boiler that could be leaking gas into your home. This is a major safety concern that could ultimately lead to fires or explosions. Not only that, but a faulty gas appliance could be leaking carbon monoxide (CO). This is a highly toxic gas that, when breathed in, can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, breathlessness, brain damage, paralysis, or even death.

If you’re still unsure of what type of tradesperson you require for the job you have on hand, feel free to contact our friendly and helpful team who will be happy to advise you on 01752 964789.

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