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Commercial heating in the South West

Interested in commercial heating in the South West? Look no further! B & R Heating is the home to domestic and commercial heating services. We’re located in Plymouth and we provide exceptional heating services across the South West. Keep reading to find out more about our commercial heating services!

What is a commercial boiler?

Commercial boilers function in the same way as domestic boilers, however, they are designed to cope with the higher demand for commercial properties. Typically, the hot water system will be larger to deal with the higher amount of water being heated. But where can you find commercial boilers? You’ll find them in properties such as hotels, office buildings, warehouses and industrial units. Large, floor-standing commercial boilers can be installed, as well as smaller, wall-mounted units.

What is the difference between commercial and domestic heating services?

Due to the larger size of commercial boilers, they can be slightly more complex to service and repair. Domestic gas engineers are highly skilled workers, however, commercial boilers do require more qualifications. Commercial gas engineers will have the experience and knowledge required to work on these larger boilers safely and efficiently. Domestic gas engineers are qualified to work on boilers up to 70kW net, anything above this figure is considered to be commercial.

Here at B&R Heating, we have fully qualified commercial gas engineers to deal with any issue you might have with your commercial boiler. All of our engineers are Gas Safe and OFTEC registered, meaning they’re certified by official bodies to work in your home.

What is a boiler service?

Want to ensure the safety of your commercial property? We recommend having your boiler serviced annually. We can check your boiler’s efficiency and safety, making sure it’s running smoothly and at the lowest cost. Cost-effectivity is extremely important within commercial properties, as the cost of running such a large boiler can be expensive. To impact your business’ budget as little as possible, we can suggest and complete repairs to ensure your commercial boiler’s safety and efficiency. 

Arranging a boiler service annually will help to locate issues before they become severe and potentially dangerous. Why is that important? It can save you money in the long run, avoiding large repairs and potential replacement costs.

The process of a commercial boiler service is more complex than that of a domestic boiler. A comprehensive commercial boiler service will involve dismantling the appliance, before cleaning and checking all necessary components. Our engineers will locate any faults at this stage, and be able to complete any repairs with your permission. 

As an experienced team, we provide hydraulic access for the maintenance and service of high-level heating appliances. This includes Ambirad radiant tube heaters and suspended warm air heaters, such as Reznor. All high-level heaters require an initial survey to establish reachability.

Should you arrange a commercial boiler service?

You have a duty of care to your employees/residents, and that includes ensuring your boiler is running safely at all times. Without this annual service, you can never be sure whether your boiler is safe. What if something goes wrong? You could be liable if someone is harmed by your faulty boiler and you haven’t had your annual boiler certification. This could be damaging for your business. 

Here at B&R Heating, we can provide you with a comprehensive commercial boiler service. This will keep your boiler safe and cost-effective. Trying to think of a downside to getting your boiler serviced? There isn’t one! It will always benefit your business in the long run! 

We can help you with your commercial heating in the South West, providing top-quality results. Contact us today to arrange your commercial or domestic boiler service. Give us a call on 01752 695050 or visit our contact page

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