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Do You Have A Sludge Problem?

Sludge. That word should give you an accurate mental image of what it is. Sludge is a black substance made up of dissolved and rusted metal from the pipe work of your boiler system, sometimes referred to as Magnetite.

When air and water react with the steel inside your central heating system, sludge forms. It commonly forms and builds up in radiators and pipework until it eventually causes harmful effects to your boiler.Are you suffering with an inefficient central heating system? Radiators that don’t heat up properly? A noisy system? Or perhaps you need to keep replacing boiler parts.

Common signs of sludge include:

  • Radiators are hot at the top, but cold at the bottom
  • Radiators require more frequent bleeding
  • Radiator pipework gets hot, but not the radiators themselves
  • Radiators don’t reach their required temperature
  • Boiler pump leaks or stops working entirely
  • Systems makes gurgling and kettling noises
  • Higher energy bills

What happens if the Sludge builds up?

Built up sludge can result in a restriction of water flow through the pipes and cause your boiler to overheat or shut down for good. You don’t want to let this happen as the cost of boiler replacements can be very expensive.

How can I prevent Sludge build-up?

When choosing boiler installation services, enquire about installing a Chemical Inhibitor, you can help reduce the rate of corrosion by slowing down the process and extending your boiler’s life. You can also use a Magnetic Filter to attract any sludge building debris from the pipework and system. These are best used together for the full effect. Magnetic filters and chemical inhibitors will not completely solve the problem but merely prolong the lifespan of your boiler. 

The only way to fully remove sludge buildup is by having a power flush process carried out on your system followed by the installation of the inhibitor and filter to prevent future buildup. Powerflushing is the process of forcing large amounts of water through the system at high speed on a low pressure.The sheer force and speed of the water will cause any sludge to be picked up and removed from the system effectively.

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