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Gas Boiler Service

Gas Boiler Service: What, Why and How?

Getting your gas boiler service may seem like a fairly trivial service to request. However, it is essential to the security of your boiler and the safety of your building. 

Why do I need my boiler serviced? 

If you don’t service your boiler frequently, you run the risk of voiding the products warranty. 

In the worst cases, a poorly fitted boiler can have awful consequences. If your boiler leaks at any point, carbon monoxide can leak into your building and has proven to be fatal in some cases. You of course want to prevent that from happening to you, and with your boiler service, this will be prevented. 

When serviced, we ensure that your boiler will pass all safety checks and any problems will be solved so you can rest easy knowing your boiler is safe. 

What does the gas boiler service involve?

We are thorough with our servicing. Your technician will take apart your boiler, and analyse each individual part. Running rigorous individual tests on the parts, these will be guaranteed to be the best and safest for your boiler. 

Should your parts need to be replaced, we will replace these parts and include them in your final quote. The safety of your boiler is paramount. So we need to promise that each part is working together to make the best possible boiler for you. 

After we have run the test, your boiler will be reassembled and then tested to make sure it is working in conjunction with your home. Hopefully, no further problems will arise, and your boiler will be up and running. 

What if I need a new boiler?

In the case that your boiler is beyond repair with new parts, it may be suggested that you request a new boiler. In the case that this happens, our technician will recommend the best type of boiler for you on your budget. We have a plethora of options on offer, and you will get the best possible boiler for yourself. 

How much will my gas boiler service cost?

Your boiler service is essential to the safety and the function of your boiler and you will need to know how much it is going to cost you to get it serviced. 

We have prioritised a reliable and affordable service. Whilst we can’t provide a concrete lowest possible quote, you will always be charged as quoted. With a focus on customer service, reliability and value for money, so you always get the best boiler service possible. All of our boiler services are carried out by a Gas Safe Registered engineer to ensure that your boiler is safe and reliable.

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