When Your Boiler Goes Wrong: A Look At The Statistics of Boiler Problems

boiler problems

You may have heard some horror stories related to gas explosions and domestic accidents. While these are horrendous accidents when they do happen, we want to take a look at the statistics behind these boiler problems and ensure the safety of your boiler.  The recent rise in boiler explosions  Recently, boiler explosions have been a […]

Gas Boiler Service: What, Why and How?

Gas Boiler Service

Getting your gas boiler service may seem like a fairly trivial service to request. However, it is essential to the security of your boiler and the safety of your building.  Why do I need my boiler serviced?  If you don’t service your boiler frequently, you run the risk of voiding the products warranty.  In the […]

How do I get my boiler repaired quickly?

boiler repair

A broken boiler can be one of the worst things to go wrong in your home. Nobody wants to constantly be cold, and with no hot water, it makes it very hard to do many things. The bottom line is, in the event your boiler breaks, you need boiler repair as soon as possible.  There […]