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boiler problems

When Your Boiler Goes Wrong: A Look At The Statistics of Boiler Problems

You may have heard some horror stories related to gas explosions and domestic accidents. While these are horrendous accidents when they do happen, we want to take a look at the statistics behind these boiler problems and ensure the safety of your boiler. 

The recent rise in boiler explosions 

Recently, boiler explosions have been a common feature of the news. Home explosions appear to be frequently occurring in 2021, making more worried that there is a wider issue. 

However, as of right now there is no conclusive evidence that there is a widespread issue with gas works, and instead, the problem is with individual causal factors causing explosions. Whilst this is a terrible problem, the issues do not lie with the gas you are supplying your home with and more individual problems. 

Staying Safe 

Gas continues to be a reliable and safe way to power your home’s heating system in the face of these troubling statistics. Whilst investigations continue into how these problems arise, there is nothing more you can do to ensure your safety in using a boiler than getting it serviced and maintaining these safety suggestions. 

There have been lots of research and safety precautions taken to ensure the risk of gas installations is minimal in the home. Whilst there are issues in some gas installations, painting checks and hiring the best gas engineers are some of the best practices to follow for staying safe against gas. We recommend always hiring a Gas Safe engineer, this way you will have the peace of mind you need for you and your family. If you have any questions about your boiler or any safety issues, check out our boiler FAQ.

boiler problems

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