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What does a commercial boiler do blog post by B&R Heating Ltd

What Do Commercial Boilers Do?

You’ve probably seen us mention the terms “Domestic Boilers” and “Commercial Boilers” but do you know what they actually mean? Let’s discuss the subject of Commercial Boilers. 

What are Commercial Boilers? 

To put it simply, a commercial boiler is a heating and hot water providing system for any non-domestic building. These can include schools, care homes, aquariums, cafes and much more! We actually installed a commercial boiler for the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth not long ago! Typically, these systems either burn fuel or use electricity in order to produce hot water or steam. This is then circulated around the building via a system of pipes, providing heating and hot water to the whole commercial property.  

What makes a Commercial Boiler, Commercial? 

The difference between a domestic boilers and a commercial boilers is size and kilowatt (kW) output. Due to commercial properties typically being a lot larger than domestic ones, there is a need for a larger boiler to provide the correct amount of heating throughout the building.  

If a boiler is more than 70kW, it is classed as a commercial boiler. With most commercial boilers ranging in the 250kW to 1,500kW range. 

Which Commercial Boiler is right for me? 

There are a few variations when it comes to commercial boilers, so choosing the right one for your property is vital in getting the amount of heating required. Here are the attributes to look out for: 


The size of your commercial boiler should depend on the size of your commercial property, as well as how many radiators you need to heat, and how many hot water outlets you have. We understand that you want to get this right and might not be able to work this out yourself, so our heating experts are on hand to let you know what would be best for your situation by talking over the phone and potentially carrying out a site survey to get a better understanding of what is required for you.   

Some boilers come in sets of two or three and connect to each other via a system of pipes in order to provide heating throughout the entire property. While other commercial boilers are huge powerhouses typically seen in basements or aptly named “Boiler Rooms”. 


Many people are familiar with natural gas, fuel oil, and electricity as sources of fuel for boilers, but there are other alternatives such as hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO). This is a form of renewable diesel and is a great alternative to traditional heating oil as well as being more environmentally friendly, which is not only good for the planet, but would look good for your business too! 

Cost & Efficiency 

Being a commercial business, you should always be looking for ways to cuts costs without sacrificing quality. Our heating systems are highly efficient and will save you lots of money on your energy bills as a result. Just make sure to get the appropriate size for your commercial property, as you don’t want a boiler that has too much capacity than needed as that will mean you are paying more money for the same amount of heating.  

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