Combi boiler installation

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Wondering what happens during a combi boiler installation? First let’s find out what it actually is! A combi boiler delivers both hot water and heat on demand. Most often, it is in the form of a single wall hung unit. …

Boiler Cover

How Does Boiler Cover Work?

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Boiler cover is an important product for anyone with a boiler in their home. The central heating of a modern house can cost thousands of pounds a year and in some cases be more than this. The boiler needs regular …

emergency boiler repair

What is boiler repair & how to prevent it

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What exactly is boiler repair? Boiler repairs consist of fixing any internal damages caused by clogged lines, freezing water, leakages in the heating lines, or damaged gas pipes. The most frequent issues seen are a broken heating element, malfunctioning hot …

heating engineer

What does a heating engineer do?

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It’s a common confusion for a lot of people; being unsure whether you need to hire a plumber or a heating engineer due to being unsure about the differences in the profession.  While both professions can carry out similar tasks, …